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Ball So Hard LEARN TO BALL Academy


The LEARN TO BALL Program, step 2 of the Ball So Hard Academies, is for beginner basketball players who are looking to start playing regularly in a team or are in their first couple of years of domestic basketball.  The skill sets and game play aspects taught become more applicable for the game of basketball.  Players are put through a carefully tiered and progressive system, coached by experienced coaches who have played at high level representative basketball across Victoria.  Upon completion of this curriculum players will be competently able to play in the higher grades of domestic basketball.

Each of the three levels (bench, starter & MVP) cover the same five skill sets, taught at increasing levels of complexity and intensity. The entire LEARN TO BALL Program should take 18 months – 2 years to work through, catering for players aged 6 – 9 years old as they begin in U08’s and move into U10’s.

The skill sets cover:

  • footwork & body movement
  • dribbling & ball handling
  • shooting
  • passing
  • game sense – offensive/defensive

Each level has a checklist of 11 skills which must be met before moving onto the next level. Players will be assessed weeks 1, 5 and 8 of each term to track progression.

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