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Bobcats PLUS registration Winter 2020


Bobcats PLUS is a brand new product available to those registering to play domestic basketball for Bobcats for the Winter 2020 season.

Bobcats PLUS will utilise the services of paid coaches, bringing professional coaching to the domestic realm. The age group and division each coach is available for is listed at Bobcats PLUS.

The cost for this will be an extra $140 per player per season. This covers the cost of the coach for all trainings and games throughout the (approximately) 19 week season and will include finals. This works out to be about $7 per week, even less if the team makes finals, to receive professional coaching in both training and at a game! So $7 for 110 minutes of high level coaching each week! Teams will have a minimum of 7 players and maximum of 8. If you are wishing to transfer your team over and have more or less than these numbers, again please contact and we can discuss arrangements.

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