Southern Bobcats to play in CLB 3×3 Competition

Southern Bobcats to play in CLB 3×3 Competition



Introducing our 4th Elite Foundation Club – the @SouthernBobcats3X3

A true Southern Melbourne team who will call the Mornington Peninsula their home.

Here’s what our CLB Southern Bobcats Ambassador’s had to say…

Kelly Bowen, former 3X3 Australian player and Southern Bobcats female captain, is proud to be part of the first 3X3 CLB3X3 Elite Melbourne team “I take a lot of pride in helping 3×3 grow within Australia and within CLB. It is very exciting to see the number of Elite teams coming on board for the upcoming CLB 2018/19 season.

Robert Linton says “I’m excited to be a founding Elite Club ambassador for the evolving CLB3X3 league and really looking forward to enhancing my involvement and seeing 3X3 grow on the Peninsula and around Australia”

Stay tuned as we release their all star line up in the coming weeks… 🏀👊

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