The NBL 3×3 Street Hustle Peninsula Tour is COMING!

Will you be joining the NBL 3×3 Street Hustle Peninsula Tour?

Ummm, what is that exactly?

Well, it’s an exciting and brand new concept in the 3×3 basketball space. It’s a tour, like the pro’s go on but it’s right here in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula over the upcoming school holidays. There are 4 tour stops:

But what actually is 3×3 Street Hustle basketball?

Watch this…

The rules laid out simply:

  • 3 starters, one sub – that’s your squad.
  • Half the size but twice as fast – We play on one basket in a half-court setting.
  • Beyond the arc is 2 points, any other basket is worth 1 point.
  • First to 21 points or play out the 10 minutes – that’s how you win.
  • Official 3×3 basketball is used, it’s a Size 6 with the weight of a Size 7.
  • Fouls: 6 team fouls.
    • Fouls 7, 8, 9: the penalty is 2 free throws.
    • Fouls 10 or more receive 2 free throws + ball possession.
  • 1 or 2 referees per game.

Looks good doesn’t it? It’s fast, hustling and above all else FUN.

So you mentioned points and prize money?

At each stop you will gain points as follows:

  • Entry = 1
  • Finals = 3
  • Runner Up = 4
  • Winner = 5

At each stop you can win:

  • U12’s & U14’s: shoot out, prizes
  • U16’s & U18’s: winner takes home $500 (each age group & gender)

The Finals:

  • U12/14’s win: 1st – $250, 2nd – $200, 3rd – $100
  • U16/18’s win: 1st – $750, 2nd – $250, 3rd – $150
  • All winners get their names on the Perpetual Trophy

Who can enter:

Entries are limited to 10 teams per age group (U12/14/16/18) and gender (male/female). We recommend forming a team of 4. That way you’ll have a sub, which if you have played before you know you will need, and if you haven’t played before you will need!

So the big question is;

will you #hustleorbehustled ?

See you on tour! Any questions, please call (03) 5908 4909 or email and we will be more than happy to help!