Bobcats “The Prowl” Winter Registration 2019

The Bobcats ” The Prowl” Winter Registration Edition out now.

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the new year, I hope everyone has had a great Christmas / New Year break. As we all are getting back into our routines for 2019, we have only 6 weeks left of our Summer season before the finals. Then we head into our Winter Season there are some important dates that we all need to be aware of.

Open NOW – 28/02/2019

All NEW players are welcome to register with the Bobcats now for Casey, Frankston Mornington, and Western Port, so if anyone have new family members or has a friend that wishes to join the Bobcats. We are asking for them to register with us NOW. The closing date for NEW PLAYER registrations is 28th February, after this date all players will be put onto a waiting list.

Open 15/02/2019-15/03/2019

All EXISTING PLAYERS will have 4 weeks from the 15th February – the 15th March to register for the coming Winter season, after this date we will CLOSE all registration and all unregister players positions will be filled new players. If you register after this date you will run the risk of being placed into a different team or being put onto a waiting list.

If you are unable to register between these date you must contact our office and speak with Kylie / Sharon our administration staff on 5908-4909 or  We are aiming to have all teams for Winter finalized before the end of term 1, so everyone knows their team before the school holidays and we can make any adjustments beforehand.