Bobcats new sponsorhip strategy for all bobcat members

Bobcats are pleased to announce a change in their Sponsorship strategy program for 2016/17.

At Bobcats we want to provide every player with the opportunity to play to the best of their ability. We know that in this day and age it can be tough to navigate your way through so we have decided to be the first domestic club to support their members in this way.

Bobcats we will be providing a number of opportunities to Bobcats players at the grass roots level; by offering Sponsorship and Scholarship opportunities to all domestic players.

Bobcats are looking to Sponsor a number of our players that are existing Junior Representative Players at the association that we support. These Players are the ones that want to get to the next level of their playing abilities and need support at the VJBL level. We are also looking to sponsor a number of individuals that want to be developed by using our own Bobcats Basketball Academy Program, to get to VJBL level.

Hardship Scholarships; Bobcats have always supported families in need through our Bobcats family fund. Further help to local families is now available. We are able to support domestic players and families that face hardship, with the support of a Bobcats player Scholarship. These funds are intended to help pay for player’s registrations, uniforms and also provide opportunities for kids to play within our programs- Juniors Hoops and Next Step.

These are new initiatives and exciting times for Bobcats, ground breaking ideas for the local grass roots players.

  • Up to 5 player Sponsorships for Junior Representative Program’s to the value of $500.00 each.
  • Up to 5 player Sponsorships for our Bobcats Basketball Academy to the value of $250.00 each.
  • Up to 10 player Scholarships for Bobcats Basketball Club to cover registration and uniforms to the value of $200.00
  • Up to 5 player Scholarships for our Bobcats Basketball Academy to the value of $250.00 each.


Sponsorship Criteria

  • Must complete the application.
  • Must be a current Bobcats or affiliated club register player.
  • Must have played for Bobcats or an affiliated club for over a 12 month period.
  • Junior Representative Association must be one that Bobcats play at.


Scholarship Criteria

  • Must complete the application

Application will be open on the 31 May 2016 and close on the 30th June 2016.

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